History & Philosophy

ASAS SF is a dynamic company focused on providing engineering solutions that meet client’s needs in the Civil, Mechanical, Infrastructure, and Environmental Engineering, Energy Sectors. We have been delivering innovative solutions across Oil & Gas Services, Civil/Structural Engineering and Water & Environment services.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as one of Kuwait’s leading General Trading & Contracting Company from 2003. We have Engaged in many extensive projects and have Completed a large number of projects in both private and Governmental sectors.

We have grown organically over the last few years to become an international contracting firm of unparalleled scope. We express our creativity, team-work, belief in sustainability and global nature. We operate within an organizational structure that allows people the freedom and flexibility to use their skills to their fullest potential. We provide a comprehensive services and solutions for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and desalination projects. Our multi divisional structure gives us the flexibility and advantages to maintain the quality, time, and cost effectiveness; i.e. the key factor of the success

To our credit, we have an excellent team of highly motivated and skilled workforce led by highly qualified professionals who can cope with any peak work schedules efficiently and competitively. As an added advantage we have number of Construction Equipment, Tools and Vehicles to back up our projects execution.

Mission, Vision & Values

To become a leading world class service provider in the contracting & energy industries.

Our Mission

To be a one-stop integrated quality service provider in the contracting & energy industries adhering to world class QHSE standards.

Our Vision

We are committed to serving all clients in ways that are consistent with our values:

  • Integrity – We are committed to business ethics.
  • Client Satisfaction – We strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.
  • High performance - We are committed to efficiency, reliability and quality in our work.
  • Innovation - We are focused to develop creative and innovative solutions that will meet our clients’ needs and requirements.
  • Safety - We are committed to safety at all times in our products and services.
  • Environment - We are committed to adhering to the regulations regarding protecting the environment in all our projects.

Our Values

Management Team

Organisation Chart


    1. Operation Manager

      1. Site Manager

        1. QA/QC

        2. Site Engineers

          1. Supervisors
          2. Foreman's
          3. Skilled Workers
            1. Unskilled Workers
          4. Operator's
          5. Driver's
          6. Equipment
    2. Financial & Administrative Director

      1. Admin Manager

        1. HR Manager

      2. Safety Officer

      3. Finance Manager

        1. Accountant