Q-Smart Queue Management System

In addition to that, Asas SF company has obtained the Q-system agency of the German brand Q-Smart, which is considered one of the best companies specialized in the field of Q-system and of high quality &With Q-smart, achieve ultra high performance with big touch-screen functionality. Q-smart meets all your queue management system needs. The daily process capacity of system was increased up to 20.000 and which does not slow down forever with its powerful hardware and the stable Linux- based special operating system at its heart.

Manage your customer relations at the top level with the integrated online appointment system and customer card management.

The new queue management system ticket dispenser designed with powerful Intel quad core CPU in its hearth and robust, stable and secure Linux operating system in its mind. Q-smart D series ticket dispenser meets the needs of your organization queue management needs with a daily 15,000 operation capacity and vertically designed touch screen capable to show your all queues on home screen. in Kuwait.